About Logic Inspection Group

I’m Johnny Scering, a Certified home inspector and CEO of Logic Inspection Group, a local and independently owned business operating out of Orange, California.

Buying a house is like buying a used car. The car may be beautiful on the outside but you don’t know what problems are lurking under the hood. At Logic Inspection Group our number one goal is finding hidden defects in the home. So it’s like we are looking under the hood of your house! Unfortunately, some sellers are dishonest and are hiding problems with their house. And sometimes the seller may not even know about these issues. These are called hidden defects. Like I said earlier, our number one goal is to find hidden defects in the house. We don’t want the buyer to move into their new home and have to spend thousands of dollars to fix things!

How do we do this?

At logic inspection group we use a top-to-bottom inspection process that allows us to be very thorough in our inspections and we use state of the art technology and tools to help us do that. 

Most hidden defects are hidden in areas that are out of plain sight. We walk or use a drone to Inspect the roof, we go into the attic, use a Crawlbot to inspect under the house, we look and inspect inside the electrical panel, test all drains, look inside cabinets, closets, open all windows, test all outlets and lights, etc.

During the inspection, we take pictures of every defect and at the end of the inspection, we load all the photos on a laptop and go over all of the findings with you and take our time explaining the solutions and recommendations. We also make sure the buyer understands how to work their new home. A home is like a big machine with moving and breathing parts and it’s important that you know how to run it so that it lasts a long time and stays in good condition.

Our goal is to give you a very thorough inspection and uncover all the defects in the home. If the seller is hiding something, we will find it!

Certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

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